What the song reminds you of?

“Gosh! This song! It’s been a while since…” I know most of you guys out there have said this before and will keep saying the same phrase when it comes to the song or songs that remind you of something, some occasion, incidents, accidents, someone special or someone that you hate, something bad, something good and many more.

The strength of some songs eventually will remind you the date, time and even the surroundings that you’ve been through at that particular time. There are many songs out there that will somehow remind me of something for example songs from the punk rock band “The Offspring” from the album “Ixnay on the Hombre”. This good album remind me of the time when I started skating eight years ago on my first skateboard, this is the song that inspire me in this sports and the good times that I had with my friends that skated along with me. I can seriously tag that time as my golden time of my life. As I skated, I never think of anything else out there except skateboarding. I skated every night and day because I can truly felt that I already found my sports other than football. Even until now, I still have the album and always play it. Songs like ‘the meaning of life’, ‘mota’, ‘leave it behind’, ‘all I want’ and ‘change the world’ are the best and the greatest songs ever that have influenced my life and attitude as a teenager during that time.Can you tell me one song that strongly reminds you of something? Come on guys, share them with me. I believe this is an interesting topic to be talked about. I can hardly wait for what I will read in my next access! Share them (the songs) and the story behind it with me and everybody out there! 


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