Be true to tell the truth!

Truth is something that everyone seeks even though sometimes we refuse to know about it as “the truth hurts”. Yeah it hurt but the feeling hurt itself will take us to be prepared for the upcoming challenges in life. In my blog, I will only tell the truth that I think should be told from time to time.

Personally, I will not use ‘bombastic’ words as some people from the other part of the world will not understand them. I believe in telling and sharing the truth equally in a way that everyone could understand. For you American it should not be a problem but may be for readers that live in the Asian region or other people from the other part of the world that only can understand simple English words, my truth would worth it along the way.

My principal is very plain, be true as it will reveal the truth “automatically”. So, what is the truth that you have been seeking through out your life? If you want to share them with me then go on, truth are meant to be told and be kept as the deepest secrets. I will share my truth with all of you out there in the possible manner that I realized or noticed and it does not matter what it is from clothes, shoes, food, politics, religion, motivation, education, learning/teaching whatever. Let us start spreading the truth as it never ends!   



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