The Best of My 2006 (it’s never too late)

Best holiday:Coming back home to celebrate “Hari Raya Aidilfitri” with my family and best friends. 

Best moment:Completed my degree in April, being awarded as the best player in a my faculty’s futsal tournament and my team won the tournament, convocation day, grand champion at my brother’s place futsal tournament (Johor Bahru). 

Best sport:Nothing that I can compare to futsal so far! 

Best album:System of a Down (hypnotize), Evanescence (the open door), My Chemical Romance (three cheers for sweet revenge), The Offspring (greatest hits) 

Best song:I’m not okay, ghost of you (my chemical romance), Hollywood, lonely day (system of a down), can’t get my head around you (the offspring), too little too late (jojo) 

Best movie:Monster house, Click, Ice Age 2 (the meltdown) 

Best website:E blogger by Google, You Tube 

Best moves:Football freestyle 

Best gadget:My Nokia 3230 

Best shoes:Etnies Kingpin, Globe Strand, Puma futsal 

Best shirt:Asia x- games 06 t- shirt (limited edition), zoo york, England’s official football team shirt/ jersey 

Best jeans:Calvin Klein jeans   

Best shorts:Billabong, O’neil (surf shorts), Nike

 Best person:My one and only girlfriend- Nurnadiya/ Yaya/ Boo (always helping me out) I love you so much girl! 

Best buy:Jansport camping bag, my second bike (Yamaha), Nike sling bag, Adidas and Nike futsal balls 

Best lesson:“Think deeply before making any decisions!” 

Best place:There is no place like home! 

Best cartoon series:Catdog 

Best job:Part time editor at a big IT company, part time waiter for the United States army 

Best dream bike:KTM motocross



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5 responses to “The Best of My 2006 (it’s never too late)

  1. abuyazid

    started the new season with a tourney last sunday. managed to reach quarter final but never to the next round because of injury. two of our players (including myself) were badly injured due to pulled muscle (a very harsh one). if only you were there…

    check out pics of last tourney at

    the team name is FCB. why FCB? i will let you know if you want to.

  2. If only I can go pro with football?hahaha…so, what FCB stands for? is it a misunderstanding or a coincidence?

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  4. I just started playing futsal, though a little too late for my age, I love the game. Think it takes time for me to have the achievement like yours.

  5. play the game to release the tense, get some sweats out and having some fun with friends, that’s all…i love playing with close friends so that i can kick their feet and laugh about it, they will not get mad instead they will push me to the net and let me have some scratches on my’s really fun especially the ‘laugh’ part…joga bonito whatever but i love the game’s fun no need great achievement to have some fun, only some close friends that you can kick on their feet and push around on the court..

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