Gosh! Am I too late to post my freaking resolution?

These are the list of things that I need to achieve this year (no kidding man!):

  1. I wanna buy a motocross and transform it to become a road bike instead of the off road bike, a Yamaha or Honda would be really nice..( damn, I gotta have it even it cost me a life!)
  2. Ops..but first I need to get a secure job since now I am unemployed..(you got the spirit there boy…)
  3. I wanna help my parents by sending them enough money every month since now I don’t have the chance to do so..(hmm, sorry mom and dad, you know I love you!)
  4. I wanna to be good and super nice to everyone that I know and be extra careful to strangers.9you will know how nice I am if you write to me..)
  5. Respect someone and in turn they will respect you..So this year I will try to respect others more than before.
  6. As soon as I have a good job,I wanna save some money in the bank, in case of emergency.(I have learnt a lot regarding this)
  7. I just wanna be me and no body else and I really hope I don’t turn to be the next Saddam..

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