The Power of Brand

What is it the truth about this brand and that brand? Since long, brand has become the major influence for someone or a group of community in showing and displaying greatness and achievement but what is real about brand or ‘branding’? Wearing a top brand is actually not a big deal to me but what matter the most is the quality that it presents, yeah the QUALITY! Most of the time, the brand presents the quality itself but do not ever misjudged other brand out there based on their popularity as they also came in the quality that we need.

Recently, I bought a pair of indoor football shoes that is not as popular as other football shoes out there for example the invincible brand like Nike, Adidas, Lotto what the hell but I believe my unbranded shoes is more comfortable and has the same level (and don’t be surprised if it is better!) of durability. In my place, what you wear presents what you are but this is not always true. Human are always (and this stupid perception will never ever changed!) amazed with what they see in physical. It is very difficult to evaluate something through our naked eyes and this is when our experiences may come in handy. Only experiences could teach us things from wrong to right but again the truth is we never learnt from it! So, choose your brand wisely and if you have something ‘brandy’ that you want to share with me, go on and let me see if I would want to buy it.



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