Almost a fraud victim-part 1 (beware of Nigerian scammer-JUBRIL BELLO)

This is a real incident that almost happen to me and my friend. It started from last year around September but it doesn’t end only in this page because this scammer doesn’t know that my friend and I already found out that he is a scammer and right now we are waiting for him to come to Malaysia to deal his ‘unfinish business’ here. Remember the name JUBRIL BELLO because he is the master mind and this guy is very dangerous.

Since last year, there was a nigerian guy that sells fake watches, belts, wallets and so on around my place in Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia. This nigerian is the friend of Jubril Bello and he mentioned that he is an international students here and selling stuff is apart from his side income. His name is KIZICO, that’s all I know about him.My friend had a workshop of his own where he runs everything in the small motorbike workshop focus only on repairing motorbikes. One day, this nigerian fella came to my friend and propose a business deal with him. He mentioned that he has a “millionaire friend” which is Jubril Bello that wanted to invest his money here in Malaysia in multi- million deal such as housing and motorbikes exporting. We listen to all his suggestion and we actually had a long distance telephone conversation with Jubril Bello that supposed to be in China right now still dealing another business there which is machinery business/ deal.

One week after the telephone conversation, Jubril Bello came to Malaysia to have a further deal in the business and he stayed in a 5 stars hotel around Kuala Lumpur. One day, he asked us to come to the hotel to meet him. At first we know that this was a scam and we didn’t meet him because at first we thought that he would demonstrates to me and my friend the way to make the Black Money. I am sure most of you out there know what Black Money is, it is a type of fake money. So we ignore this Jubril Bello and know what, he was really angry to me and my friend through out his telephone call few days after that. This deal doesn’t end here…

One day, his friend Kizico came to the workshop and told us how mad his friend (Jubril Bello) was and we just ignored him. Kizico told us that this man is a real deal and he is serious in dealing this business. After that, Jubril Bello called us again to deal the business. This time we have to gather together at a formal place; me, my friend and Kizico so that we can have a serious telephone conversation with Jubril Bello. So we went to this place as being agreed before to redeal the business.

In the telephone deal, I was really suprise with the type of business that this two fucking nigerian wanted to deal with us. Actually, they wanted to use my friend’s name to deal anything here in our country because if they want to use their names, it would be really difficult for example in buying assets. My friend bring me along because he doesn’t know how to communicate in English language and since I am an English teacher, he really need my favour this time. I’ve been knowing this friend of mine for 2 good years. Back to the scam, they mentioned to me that they required 5 units of condominiums, 3 units of terrace houses and 800,000 units of assorted motorbikes to be exported to Europen and African countries. We were really stunned to hear what he wanted to buy in this country. He said that the price of motorbikes here are really cheap and that is why he wanted to deal the business here. can you imagine that, all these would cost him million of dollars. A unit of condominium alone will cost him a million here and not to mentioned the 800,000 bikes to be exported.

At first I imagine how my fortune would be if the deal is confirmed but we doesn’t really buy it because I can smell something fishy about this. I told about this to some peoples that I trust but I remind them not to believe it that much because this could be a scam, a good one.

One day, I came to an idea to check Jubril Bello’s name in the internet just to find out what I can know about him. I was really suprise to know that he has involed in many scams cases around the world for example scam lottery, various fraud cases and even armed robbery back in Nigeria. I was scared and the next day I told my friend about it and he was shocked to hear the fact about Jubril Bello.

Before that, Jubril Bello insist my friend’s address in Malaysia because he said that he wanted to send something, a package containing instructions of what we should do to run the business. Right now, we are waiting for the package to arrive and after that Jubril Bello will come to Malaysia as soon as the package arrived.

Right now we are still thinking of what to do before he come to Malaysia. The package should arrive next week and we eagerly wanted to know what is inside it. This note doesn’t end here as I will write the progress of the “deal” that we suppose to have. I just hope I will be safe during the process and I really want to get this scammer behind bars. Pray for my safety…If you out there don’t believe me, don’t hesitate to type and search the name JUBRIL BELLO in the net, you’ll find out about him really soon…

I am waiting for the right time to inform this to the local authority but not now…Please pray for my safety..




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