The Basic Rule of Respect- part 1

Rules are meant to be followed by everyone no matter who they are in term of social status. It does not matter if we are the politicians, soldiers, teachers, students, businessperson or anything that we could possibly be in the whole world, we still need to obey the rules because as human, we are governed by rules at most of the time. Right here I have some basic rules of respect that I believe should be followed at all cost. Read them and think about them seriously.

  1. It is extremely important for you to respect others first before anything else because only through respecting others we will in return be respected. (am I right?)
  2. Try to understand what others need from us in term of respect meaning how they want to be respected.
  3. Respect others in term of how they want to be respected and please don’t overdoing it (respect) because this can cause people to feel uncomfortable.
  4. Respect always starts with smile once meeting or a simple hi would be appropriate.
  5. Respect others that older than you because what you give today, you might get it back tomorrow.
  6. Man are lack of respect these days, so why don’t we practice it starting today and live a respectful tomorrow.


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2 responses to “The Basic Rule of Respect- part 1

  1. Djubba

    Respect given is respect earned. Having an inforced dogma, indoctrinated, that blankets all and sundry, even when they have not lived respectfully, really doesn’t sit well with me. I won’t respect any one who hasn’t earned it. eg. I have no respect for the Austrian fellow who locked is daughter up for 20+ years, and had 7 children from this incestuous relationship, even if he is older than me 😉 I will never follow “rules at all cost” just because my parents, government, society said so,
    Have a nice, respectful day.

  2. I’m totally agree with you on the Austrian guy. That kind of person to me should never earn any respect for the rest of his miserable life. Thanks for stopping by and have a nice, respectful day to you too my friend..

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