The Reality about the Reality!

Do you believe that we live in reality? What is actually ‘reality’ that you know? What is now? Can we define now as reality? Reality for me is knowing what I want and really need in life and not to forget where you stand at this moment of time. As soon as I realize what I want and need and where I stand, the reality will show itself in form of physical, emotional and in spiritual way. Reality between human are very different for example between my reality and your reality.

The reality that I can notice now is human no longer live the way they should be living. What I meant here is we no longer live in harmony and peace the way our heart and mind wanted it to be. Do you know who your neighbour is? Well, not everyone does. Maybe to some people living by themselves in their own world is the best thing to do. Human is just being themselves from time to time and I believe now is the right time to be selfish. I believe by knowing everyone around, we will know our reality and who we really are!

The reality that I know about myself is right now I am a man that is waiting for a chance to be what I believe I can do and meant to be. I know who I am and what I can and should do to myself and everyone around me especially my family. I am not asking for too much but it is enough for me to prove what I made of and the meaning of my existence.



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