This is about me! (Does it about you too?)

This blog started since I met my long lost brother and it was not long ago I read that writing in blog is a suitable way in expressing ourselves in term of emotional provokes  and thoughts. Beside that, (from what I seriously read) blogs are believed to be the upcoming most influential source of knowledge reference since newspapers and the daily news broadcast. Somehow, personally I think that blogs are better and always revealing the truth from time to time and the truth kept coming in and ready to be shared through out the globe. This is what can we mentioned as an achievement by electronic devices and the world in the present time would be dull without it. I really like writing and that is why I choose blog as my medium of transferring everything that I have especially the things that I have in my mind most of the time. Actually, right now I am still in the very early process of learning about blog and I am really working on it. I know that I should post this writing earlier as it describe about me but I believe that I should post what I think should be posted earlier. 


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