How To Maintain Peace With Others

What do you understand about peace among human race? As for me, peace among others is about respecting others in no matter what they do and as return, we receive the same treatment. Our world is definitely lacking of respect these days especially form the young generation. Maintaining peace is not a simple business, here are some tips in maintaining peace with others that I can provide (as long as I am concern!).


  • Always smile
  • Try not to talk too much at a time
  • Listen to what other people have to say and only after that you can give your opinion
  • Give others a good impression at most time
  • Talk as much as you needed to, not as much as you want to
  • Try to avoid sensitive issues and be positive about things around
  • Be nice and try to understand others no matter what they think of you





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15 responses to “How To Maintain Peace With Others

  1. This is very useful.Thanks =)

  2. just my silly entry lol..thanks for reading anyway..

  3. diwakar

    reallly this topic is good for the present world but please give even more tips so it will be so useful . thank a lot

  4. u no need tips for keeping things in hand, just think of positive things all the time. what comes around, goes around. but sometimes we can’t think straight because of some other factors which cannot be avoided. take a deep breath, close your eyes, let it go and be positive again. thanks for reading.

  5. mtb

    its nice,but
    i need help on “what should be our role to maintain peace in the world?”

  6. to maintain the world’s peace is definitely a tough one. the truth is the world will never be in peace until the end of human civilization because human are greedy creature and the greed itself will destroy us one day.

  7. peter

    shut the fuck up you old fuck, you guys are more “unpeaceful” then the “younger generation”

  8. wtf are you talking about?

  9. To maintain peace, start from your mindset and heart, it keeps you healthy and happier.

    When the power of love overcome the love of power, then the world will know peace

  10. katrina shiela

    very good thought….it helped in m speech in skul about maintaining peace….thank u

  11. Rev'd Bright

    I like this site. Pls, do put biblical verses to your tips

  12. Obe oluwaleke

    Good job. I will like to have more article on how to promote peace to keep our societies peacefully.

  13. pall agarwal

    ive learnt alot its very good

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