Just Give Me The Freaking Job! I Am Innocent!

What is it with employers these days? Is it too difficult to accept someone to work even though he has the qualification that is needed? Most of the time, employers will ask about past experiences in the required field. For God sake, if the employers don’t give the opportunity, the ‘about to be an employer’ will never gain any experiences and how is he going to explain that he has the experience when he does not?

Employment has been an issue since long because there are too many problems related to it and that is why lot of people chooses to be self-employed. One problem regarding to employment is the trouble between employers and their employees in term of communication, management and many other that mostly involve dissatisfaction. Living in a roof is not easy and this is when a good communication is very much needed along the way.



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2 responses to “Just Give Me The Freaking Job! I Am Innocent!

  1. abuyazid

    you can always mentioned that you have this kind of (related) experience while you were still studying somewhere and of course create an experience to the extent of your knowledge or else, people just wont buy your story.

    its not fair but thats life, bro. just look at the people out there, they dont have the experience but somehow managed to secure a fucking job for themselves. was it fair? nope.

    i must agree on the kam-mu-ni-kay-tion thing man. a non-communicating firm is most likely to collapse faster than any other gung-ho firm with lotsa communication between peers, associates and course customers. Take ah-long companies for example. they still exist dont they?

  2. struggling to survive….
    better than nothing….

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