The Best and the Worst of January.

The best part: 

  • I got my motivation and faith back on the ground as the cause of several incidents that happen along this month like a call that I received a call form my friend telling me that I will work as a contract tutor at a college for 9 weeks beginning this March and I just can’t hardly wait to start. That is a good news for me after along time waiting for one and I should really be thankful about this.
  • I got my inspiration to skate back as soon as I witness the wonder of the latest skate park just around my place. It does turn me on especially the design of the park that is so easy going and skater friendly. So I bought a set of brand new skateboard and I love the setting that I have for the new board.
  • I got to know a Japanese mail pal that shares the same music interest with me and her name is Yukiko. She seems to be very nice through the mails that I got from her lately. She even sent me a picture of her just to make sure that she is a true Japanese.

 The worst part: 

  • Almost become a victim of fraud to Nigerian scammers but luckily I managed to rescue myself by being cautious and careful of whom I am dealing with.
  • I didn’t get any proper job yet even though I have attended few potential interviews before. Maybe it not my time yet, I don’t know but I will keep on trying.



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