Reputation! Reputation! Reputation!

What is reputation to you? As for me, reputation takes time to reveal itself, as it will not come overnight. Reputation for me is strongly related to trust, the trust that you have in you and also the trust that what other people give to you. Recorded reputation is easily detected and noticed especially when you are applying for jobs in your vitae but clearly, they do not mean you will keep your reputation on the track. Sometimes we are up and at the other time we are down, that is the way it will always be. Impressive reputation is the one that people always adore while bad reputation always be ignored. For me, knowing where I stand is far better than letting others to place me at the position that they prefer without knowing my real potential.



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2 responses to “Reputation! Reputation! Reputation!

  1. hayatizaini

    yelah tu…

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