Yesterday was my birthday and for the first time I felt something.

Yesterday was my birthday and I somehow felt weird as I am getting older. Just what the feeling represents I do not know myself but this is the first time I ever felt something like that through out my life. I realize that I have more to achieve within my years but I haven’t started any. I am still the young me in term of what I do everyday. I am not sure whether I have grown especially in the inside but I am really sure that I felt something yesterday and I cannot explain it in every way that I could.

One thing for sure I started to think about my life like I never before and it keep spinning in my head up until now even the time I sleep at night. Suddenly yesterday’s morning my mother called me asking how I am and what am I possibly doing right now in term of job. I am not sure if my parents remember my birthday but I felt something when they called me and the feeling is very strong, the only feeling that I cannot explain to everyone by words or signs. Maybe it is the transition that makes me felt different, I do not know. I must do something, I do not know what it is should be done but I really must do something that connected to the feeling that I had.



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4 responses to “Yesterday was my birthday and for the first time I felt something.

  1. hey, guess ill have to wish yer a happy (hope youre in this state) belated birthday lil’ one. wish you all the best for your forthcoming standing. Whatever it is..all the luck and successes to you.

    a year older means a year wiser.. which makes me 5 years wiser than

  2. thanks bang, right now i am hoping and struggling for a good job that allow me to skate and do some freestyle soccer when i need them,hahaha…my real ambition is to be aprofessional football player but i guess not everyone is lucky enough. it is enough for someone or a group of people to recognize my talents and appreciate them like you and my other friends did, i am very grateful and truly blessed..the better tomorrow is there…all the best to you too for the next tournament..oleee..

  3. Interesting read. Pursue that feeling you speak of. In my own experience, that is the most fulfilling thing one can do in life, and the chance to do it does not come everyday, so accept it and follow it, but don’t try to hold on to it too firmly. Then it’ll disappear ;P

  4. Thanks Mark, one thing for sure I’ll do my best. Now I began to understand that the feeling is actually the feeling of responsibility. The responsibility towards people around me especially my parents and family members. The responsibility towards myself will come at the second place because I’ll have forever to fulfill it tha way I believe it should be fulfilled. Thanks for the generous comment,it do means a lot because human tend to think in different way and your way is something to be considered firmly.

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