Any skateboarders out there?

Do we have any skateboarders out there? Share some skate stories, development, competition, parks, life and almost everything related to skateboarding with me and I will share mine with you.

Let me hear you popping the deck, flipping in and out and the feeling you had as you finally landed your tricks. This sport is getting the recognition in my country like never before and I can proudly see the positive progression. I used to think to stop skating but it has been my life since the last 6-7 years. Skateboarding has succesfully influenced me in every inch of my life as human, no kidding. Skateboarding really change my life like I never thought it will be.



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7 responses to “Any skateboarders out there?

  1. bro

    I really miss those days when im still one of the ol’ skool rocka who sk8s their at their own will. Though pressurise by the authority, we would still enjoy ourselves living the life as a skater. Sk8boarding is still one of my favourite sports todate. Since you already had your deck with you, come and ride Danga Bay’s park again some day.

    I am Caballero, mind you.

  2. I will someday bang,someday…i am enjoying the wonder of 13 skatepark now,its truly awesome..

  3. joey adam

    o00oo,you r interested in sk8 too.i`m alsoo interested in that sport too.i wonder if we can sk8 together…

  4. that’s not a problem..jom skate kat 13 sini..tau kan skatepark kat mane..

  5. sdfsdfff

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