Almost a Fraud Victim- final part (beware of Jubril Bello- Nigerian scammer). The arrival of the package to Malaysia and the deal is finally off.

Jubril Bello called me from China telling actually the package or the confinement has arrived together with Jefferey Washington. The weight of the confinements is about 25 kilograms and he mentioned that inside the confinement is actually money but (it seems that) he didn’t tell Jefferey Washington this because he doesn’t want this guy to do something funny to the money. Me and my friend suppose to meet Jerrerey and check the package yesterday but since yesterday is public holiday in Malaysia, we have to see the package today. The problem is, my friend cannot make it today because he has a lot of work to be done at the workshop and it’s clearly he cannot make the time today. Jubril Bello called me a several times and so did his partner, Kizico and I kept explaining to them that most definitely we still can’t make it today and it seems like we cannot make it forever and ever. I really wanted to see the money myself because I am the one that seems to be really serious about knowing these guys intention since the very start. Right now I don’t know when we going to see the money but it would be such lost if the deal is off. Maybe I should tell the scammers to scam other people without knowing what is really inside the package. I believe if it is untrue, Jubril Bello would have not tell me at the first place because after all I will be the one that check the package.

Actually, it’s been a while since I didn’t write anything about this case just because I no longer interested in it and because I am safe now. Well, as soon as the package arrived, the “scam diplomat’ called me several times as much as Jubril Bello did telling me and my friend to come and pick the package and call it a deal. I was the one that is really eager and serious about this but unfortunately not my friend. I really wanted to see what is inside the package but my friend said that he was too busy with the workshop and everything. I was so frustrated with my friend because I have been helping him doing the entire job for a while and got nothing as result and I am very tired, sick and angry. Maybe he didn’t realize it all the while but I am really mad of him. He should have said that he don’t want to get involved from the start instead he decided to quit at the last moment. If he said it earlier, I would not help him dealing and speaking with the scammers and do something else for myself. This is when the deal is finally off without even started. I am such a fool and have learnt my lesson, the lesson of a lifetime. Well it could be anything, the money could be real and I will taste some of it but the hope is gone as soon as my bloody fucking friend hesitates to give cooperation and spend a few hours to see the ‘scam diplomat’ that given days. Everything that I have carefully planned has been ruined!

Now, I have stop thinking about it and it has made me wiser in every aspect. Money don’t come easily, we need to work hard for it because that is the real thing, the truth and nothing but the truth! Anyway, please beware of the scammers that I have mentioned in previous posts, this is my reminder to you out there. We live and we learn!





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3 responses to “Almost a Fraud Victim- final part (beware of Jubril Bello- Nigerian scammer). The arrival of the package to Malaysia and the deal is finally off.

  1. Thank god it is off by now.
    As long as you are safe lil one. Take good care.

  2. tak puas hati coz tak dapat kenekan negro tu tapi goes on and on anyway..

  3. akki

    i understand ur feelings…it’s ok…as u said life goes on…nway hope da story opend up al da viewers eyes!mana latau kot kot dorg target org lain plak!thx 4 da info sir…take care…til we meet again…adios

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