Invitation of Appreciation.

Last two Sunday, I was invited by my ex faculty to the futsal tournament by my ex team members to play with them. This could be the last and the best time and it also can be the worst memories ever but what the matter the most to me is to have the appreciation and the recognition that means a lot through out my study in the faculty previous years. I just cannot believe they still remember me as one of their useful player and it is really nice of them.

Our match began well but the goalkeeper is not so good. Well, he tried but it is not enough. He missed few balls into the net that make everyone disappointed because everyone is trying hard to win each game but the luck is not on us. However, we have tried our best and so do our one and only goalkeeper. He shouldn’t became a goalkeeper because his real position is the defense and since we don’t have a goalkeeper, he has to be the one and only. I can see the disappointment in my team mates face but there’s nothing that we can do, win or lose is a part of the game but losing so easily is something that everyone cannot accept no matter what we tell ourselves about it. Losing is apart of life but make sure that we have fought like a true warrior before giving in, that’s the way to do it.

The last game my team fought like never before and I am really proud of everyone. However, we still lost the game because we don’t deserve it. Winning isn’t everything as much as losing meant to be. It’s how we survive at the end of the day and our acceptance towards everything that comes and goes.

I just wanna thanks you guys; Mie, Jenal, Burger, Jen, Payed and Ken for your trust on me and the warmth appreciation that you have gave in. I really appreciate it, from the bottom of my heart. Thank you a million words and a million times! Oleee!



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