Morning Prayer.

Just the other day I spent my lonely and quiet morning watching the second half of ‘Champions League’ match between Manchester United and Lille with my housemates that happen to woke up at first half earlier before me. The entertaining match end with Manchester United won the game by controversial 1- 0 but it doesn’t matter because it was just a game anyway, it never has any connection to my life. After the match, I couldn’t stand the hunger that I felt and after the Morning Prayer I rushed my bike to the nearest restaurant to have an early breakfast. After that, I went back home and think of what I should do next, whether I will continue my sleep or I can stay awake while waiting 7:30 in the morning before I go to work. So, I decided to stay awake and put my head outside the window to see what is going on early in the morning just to spend the moment I had. I can see people are rushing to go to work and I can hear the sounds of every transport from big to small on the road.

This is what people do everyday in their life until they no longer can walk. Every morning people around the world will scatter in various places to fulfill their life as human and their responsibility towards each other on the soil given by God. Is this what life means? I don’t know myself but one thing for sure I have my own priority and responsible on my shoulders. Even though they are still unclear but I knew they are somewhere there waiting for me to fulfill them. Life may not seem as what it is but that is life and it goes on and on.

The morning reminds me of my father and mother. They are the one that always perform Morning Prayer but not me because I was too lazy to wake up early in the morning. I never met someone like them. I remember their looks when I was a little child, how they never expect something bigger in this life when it is more than enough to see everyone is happy and in the best of health especially their children. I am very proud to be their son, each and every single day. I really hope that I can do something meaningful to them and to myself some day. I know the day will arrive no matter how long it will take and I hope it is not too late.


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