Skate the whole night.

I had a long night last night, well up till in the morning to be exact, up until 3 in the early cold morning. I took the risk as I knew that I will have to go to work in the morning but the excitement has bigger influence towards everything.

My friends and I skated at this new spot, outside a new building in the parking lot doing some small gaps and basic tricks since it was raining in the afternoon. Then we move on to another place just near by, a quite big open space with lights all around doing some manuals and everything. There’s nothing much can be skated but it was fun spending the morning letting some sweats out. I need to change my bearings because the present set is not spinning fast enough. Maybe next week when I get my pay.

I got back home really late, about 4 in the morning and I am really tired. Then I got some sleeps and woke up late with pain on my feet and back. Tomorrow I will have to attend an interview and on the next day I will have a futsal tournament to join. It will sure going to be a busy weekend to me, like it always does.



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7 responses to “Skate the whole night.

  1. isk,isk jeles nya aku.

    if only i could turn back time, i’ll be another pak din or even joe but more on their riding skills rather than their attitudes.

    danga bay is waiting for you.

  2. hahahah…
    abu u wanted to turn back time and show off your riding skill…chill bro…
    our time has become a memories that the x gen kene respek cause we fight for freedom and they get what we r fighting for…

  3. histories are made to be told, that’s the way life goes..

  4. sad but true…
    zari hang nak buat translation dak…
    ade job translation nie…
    apa apa tepon aku…

  5. okay bang,nanti kol..sekarang ni saye keje kat klp production house kat summit ni.bulan 4 baru nak launching komik. sini jadi translator jgk.ngan abang kalau part time bolehla,ape2 saye kol abang dulu okay.camner bisnes?hope everything goes the way it suppose to be..ade member abang keje kat sini, geeko ke ape name die ntah..dulu diela yang buat warriors of melaka tu, saye sebut name abang,terus die kenal..dah takde orang lain lagi dah name ajin katenye..all the best bang..nanti saye kol okay..

  6. ok kimsalam sama dia, bini dia dah bersalin ke …

  7. baru seminggu kot bersalin,sekarang ni pun die ambik cuti seminggu..

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