Ways to cope with new working environment:

Getting in most of the time may not go easy and fitting in is another thing to do but if you follow these solution, you may get something positive in return especially from your new colleagues. Well, these are what I do.


  1. First impression is very important, so make sure you dress well on your first day to notice others that you are there to join the society.
  2. Greet others as the new staff no matter what is your position. It is very important for people to work together in getting the best result, therefore cooperation starts with respect.
  3. Explore your working place so that you won’t get lost and you can show visitors the place they want to go if such cases happen.
  4. Be aware of what you can and can’t do.
  5. Know who your higher personnel are and what they do.
  6. Don’t push it.




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5 responses to “Ways to cope with new working environment:

  1. chk out my new gmail addr.

    ko keje kat mana skang ni?

  2. keje kat production house orang arab kat summit,klp production.keluar komik bulan 4 nanti bang, ade member abang ajin keje kat sini beberapa orang.keje jadi translator bm ke bi ngan bi ke bm.keje baru setengah bulan,buat sementara dulu bang sambil2 apply tempat lain jgk..

  3. salam…

    ko kimsalam sama itu Fythullah, Rajif dan Amar…
    kalau depa buli ko…
    ko buli je depa balik…

  4. biase je kat sini, dieorang jelah yang busy, saye tak buat ape-ape pun, makan gaji bute je..hari-hari lepak tengok cd skate ngan dengar lagu..kalau dapat part time secepat yang mungkin ngan bang ajin ni mesti best jugak, adela keje nak buat kat ofis..abang ni member bang fauzi yang mane satu?

  5. ni bang ajin punye blog yang satu lagi rupenye,hahaha…ingatkan sape..

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