The Best and the Worst of February.

The Best part:

  • I got a job as a translator in a comic making company that could make my life easier than before.
  • I got another interview as a program consultant in a local college but I didn’t go to the interview because I don’t want to distract my own attention and commitment towards my present job.
  • Skate session in 13 skatepark is one of the best moments during February as I enjoy myself to the fullest with my friends that skate along.
  • Well, my birthday of course!
  • I got my motivation to skate back and it’s been a while, a quite while ago.
  • Everything seems to go well this February; maybe it is just my month I believe.
  • Bones Swiss 6 competition balls bearing set, the most anticipated creation ever after calculator.

The Worst part:

  • I felt during a futsal tournament held by my ex faculty and scratch my hand. It was just a game among friends but friends have turned to be foes because they wanted to win so much. Things like that should have not happened.
  • I felt a few times during my skate jam at 13 skatepark but I really enjoy my pain because I enjoy skating no matter what.
  • I am still unsure of my future. Now I am still thinking but couldn’t get anything good.
  • Financial problem (does this affected everyone?). Still in the early process of getting things done especially my latest hook, anyway that’s the life should be.


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3 responses to “The Best and the Worst of February.

  1. bluelavender

    Since you are an English Tutor, I think you should double check anything you want to post onto this blog before ‘sending’ them.. I mean read again your entry la.
    I hope they were typo error, since I am pretty sure that ‘felt’ is surely not a past tense for ‘fall’. And I don’t think this is correct either: ‘does this affected everyone?’

  2. kalau ada apa- apa kesilapan lagi tolong bagitau aku k, bolehla aku betolkan memandangkan aku banyak masa lapang ni…

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