Keep on watching and forget everything.

Do you like drama series? Just the other day I watched this popular series “One Tree Hill” and suddenly I came to the idea of writing this. I don’t know how but it just came to my mind.

As we know, drama is just a drama; the same thing goes to film that is showing something that is unreal whereas it is creatively created for human leisure. The characters are fake but they manage to come alive as a result of a damn good acting by the actors and actresses. Most of the time, these drama series show or reflect other peoples’ life or should I say as the ‘fake life’.

So, why in the world we bother. It is simply because we want to forget what we’ve been through the whole day. This is the most appropriate time to escape from everything and let our eyes do the rest of the job. Yeah it is true some may laugh and some may cry or should I say as get entertained, but that’s it, and there’s nothing beyond the cries and laugh, just us and the never-ending personal problems every seconds of the day.

No matter what, enjoy life to the fullest, that’s the way in doing it and try not to be influenced by things that we see everyday. Life is about making decision. It is hard but it is definitely something real.


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