My first degree salary.

Wanna know what is the first thing that I bought with my first degree salary? I bought a set of Bones Super Swiss 6 balls bearing for my skateboard. This shows how I really care about skateboarding and how I am so obsessed with everything that involved with it. Damn, I never thought that I will use my first salary for something like that but it happened at the end anyway. So, last night I switch bearings set to the new one and I am the happiest person in the whole world, like I won a million bucks. The set that I bought was mentioned by everyone as the most anticipated bearing in the whole world and that is why I am so proud. I actually experienced the marvel of the bearing and I couldn’t agree more.

Beside that, I will use the money by giving some to my father because I’ve been wanting to do that since I finished my freaking study in university and it was quite a while actually. I wish that I can contribute more. Other than that, I will use the money to settle all my debts with some of my good friends that always there when I need them and I need to clear something else like my rent, installment of my scooter and some repairing on my ride. This March, I need to be smart in my budget no matter what it takes; I don’t wanna suffer when it’s not about time. If I could save some, I will do it (in case of emergency, who knows!).



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