Please stop the “Reality Show”!!

Do you love to watch reality show? Well, I do if I have nothing else to watch during my boring hours but surely not at most of the time. Do you believe that the show is in actual reality? In my opinion, as soon as the people that involved in the show agreed to be in, the show completely become a fake show same as fictions and other favourite series where the main intention is of course to gain ratings and a lot of income for example through sms (simple message service) voting or through road shows. They (the casts) somehow will or should I say automatically become someone else without them realizing it during the freaking show.

Human are out of idea in entertainment, that’s why such shows existed and got attention from viewers all around the world.




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2 responses to “Please stop the “Reality Show”!!

  1. abuyazid

    its been a while, man. damn.. i wish i had more time.

    yeah, the upsurge of the so called ‘reality’ teevee had its own impact on the audiences, especially for those who lacks understanding of the real world out there.take a good look. its the producers who forked out tonnes of money from ’em audiences. it wont be the other way round. of course.its kinda harsh though..but that’s life.


  2. superhare

    Me personally never believed such shows as The Swan. Everything looks very unreal there. 2 weeks – and a person becomes completely different. I think it is impossible to do for such a short period. it is not a reality, it is a real show.
    they have a written scenario
    And they stopped to hide this fact though did it before. I will not tell anything about ALL reality shows but i read many articles about this fact in different magazines (not yellow press))) and on the Internet either.

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