Yesterday I went to Melaka to join a futsal tournament somewhere there under PAS Shah Alam. I could be the only Sarawakian that represent my state (well, actually Shah Alam) since there are many other teams and players from the peninsular.

At first I refuse to go because I haven’t played for such a long time but they (my team mates) beg me to go. My plan on the Saturday afternoon was to skate since I’ve been missing it for few days ago.

The matches in the futsal tournament are the latest for me since last two month and I really need to practice to get it feel back. I don’t have enough time to do so and I was asked to play because i don’t have any choices not to play. I regret the game so much because I twisted my ankle and it hurt so much. It’s been a while since I didn’t get into injuries. I can say no but because of friendship, I just let it happen and the injury is something that I cannot forget. I don’t know how much friendship meant for them but for me it means everything because friends that really reflect who I am now, no matter they are bad or good, they still and will always be my friends.

Looks like I have to rest for quite sometimes, may be that’s the best thing to do long before. At least I can focus more on my new job and try to get things done before time, I hope. I hope the pain will go away in a week or less because the only thing that I have in mind is skateboarding and nothing else. I wanna enjoy what I love before it’s too late.


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