The Best of March (opps..way too late)

The Best part:

  • On second of March, I got a call from my course mate telling me a wonderful news that I’ve been wanting to hear for such a long time. She is now teaching in a private college with my other course mate. She called me telling that I will work for the same college as a tutor but in other branch as a full timer. I was very happy to hear that because finally I got what I want that is to be a teacher. Though the place is quite far away, it’s okay to risk it anyway.

  • Bones Super Swiss 6 balls competition bearing set, the most anticipated creation ever after calculator. I am riding the pools with no hesitation in my mind. I bought them, rode on them and destroy everything that came my way!

  • I bought another set of deck from my friend that could use some money to upgrade his car. The Zoo York’s ‘Donny Barley’ board is still in the best condition and the ‘Silver’ truck is still okay even though he’s been grinding it slightly for some time. The bearing set is a Powell mini logo set, fast enough to move around the park. I just can’t wait to try it out tomorrow since today I have tuition class at 8 pm up until 10.

  • Now, on the 19 of March I was finally accepted as the tutor at PTPL when I received a call this morning. The best news ever for me after graduating! I was asked to report myself at the HR department on the 26 of March at 9 am. I never thought that I will get the job and I still cannot believe that I got it. Alhamdulillah, that’s all that I can say to everything. Without the will from Allah, I may not get this opportunity even though I have committed so many sins.

The Worst part:

  • Quitting from my present job as the translator. It is hard because it’s been a great experience to be in here and as a part of the family but life goes on and we must take everything for granted.

  • Bails especially during skating. It’s something that I can’t endure but it’s sure felt good at most of the time.


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