Hectic Week (lesson one)

Its been very hectic around here as lecturers and other tutors are rushing to get students on- going marks done in the KLAS system. As the new members here, I am expecting my week will be more hectic than others. This is the first time for me in everything and I’ve been spinning round and round in the ‘ride’ and ‘enjoying’ it so much.

So far so good as long as I am concerned and it’s been a very good time here especially the people that include the students and other college staffs. I am still in the process of adapting myself especially when it comes to my relationship with higher authorities or higher personnels. Communication is very important and I believe the ‘higher personnels’ should show good example on how a ‘good’ communication should be. Some of ‘them’ are really good in communicating with and really shows a good example to me and I really respect that kind of people. Meanwhile, some of ‘them’ love to talk at my back and prefer to refer or nag to people that is close to me complaining about me telling that everything is my fault. Sometimes we can analyze people through their appearance and especially on how they communicate with others. So, the first lesson is the ‘Communication Skill’.


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