Best and Worst of April.

The best part:


  • Sony Ericcson K800i- I’ve been longing for it in such a long period and finally bought it,hahaha…


  • Freelance earnings from KLP production- I managed to buy a notebook out of it (thanks klp for the great job!)




The worst part:



  • Students’ final exam- being an invigilator for the first time and get the adrenaline rush but somehow managed to stay in control.


  • Students’ final papers- I taught 2 subjects and have to check all paper by myself, 150 papers all together and its been really hectic. Given only 3- 4 days to complete the marking gave me tenser than I can ever imagine.


  • Not enough sleep- this make me get angry most of the time. The primary victim is my demanding girlfriend that seems to don’t understand what I am going through. Most female are the same I guess,hmm…



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