Second lost since 2000.

Yesterday I lost my vans skate shoes while praying at the state mosque of Shah Alam. Before that I went to one of my best friend’s wedding somewhere near my living area. We used to skate together, done a lot of stuff especially things that involve skateboarding and now he is having his own family. I believe that he will let go of skateboarding as everyone does as soon as they had to face other commitment.

When I started to think about it, my time will come but I am not sure when because I’m not ready yet I guess. It’s hard to leave something that we love so much especially something that brought great influences in our whole life. This guy, the friend of mine skated for almost 10 fucking great years and suddenly he have to let it go just like that. I wonder how he felt about it, I never had the chance to ask him about it but I will if he let me, if we ever have the time that can be spent together.

I never want to let go skating, that is why I still kept my board at home even though I never skate it that much the way I did before. I used to sell one complete board to a stranger but few days after that I felt terrible about it, to sell something that I love very much, something that have influenced me so much and something that kept me company and happy when I need one. After that I work my ass out to buy a whole new set again to replace the one that I had sacrificed before, which made me felt better and happy again.  Back  to my missing  skate shoes, I just hope that  the person that stole it involve  in a  terrible a  accident  one  day and  feel sorry  for everything  that he has  done  to  everyone,  hahaha…



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2 responses to “Second lost since 2000.

  1. dont wish bad things to other people. your last sentence was so bad. it is better if you say ‘hope that person realize what he did is wrong and do not do it again. and do good things.” >dont curse him.

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