Opinion essay.

In the opinion essay you are expected to express your viewpoint on a definite subject while supporting it with coherent arguments. Listed below are tips on how to make your writing a success with the audience.

§ Opinion essay writing is all about clear structure. First and foremost you should learn a step-by-step approach used for composing opinion and argument essays:

§ Underline the vocabulary in the question and write down with the related meaning. This will help avoid repetition later on, and will show your understanding of the question.

§ Decide whether you are for or against the idea. The best way is to give pro and con arguments and then to state your point in the conclusion.

§ Decide on a layout. The most is a four-paragraph writing: introduction, one-side, the other-side, and the conclusion.

§ After you’ve written the plan proceed to your paper following the steps for composing the introduction, body and conclusion.

§ Try to make you opinion essay bright and impressive by enriching it with personal experience and clear examples. This will contribute to the success with the audience.


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