Thesis/Thesis Statement.

The thesis states the main point of your essay. It often answers the questions: “What is the topic of the essay? “ “What does the writer think about it? “ “What message does the writer convey through his essay? “

Follow these steps in building up your thesis statement:

  • Look for interesting appealing facts, controversial issues and arguments in your primary sources, analyze them.
  • Write down a working thesis.
  • Place your thesis at the end of an introductory paragraph.
  • Think of the counter-arguments to your thesis. It will help you to polish it.

These are the features of a good thesis statement:

  • A good thesis presents the writer’s clearly defined position on the topic. (Don’t beat around the bush. Express your point of view briefly and accurately)
  • A good thesis is meaningful.
  • A good thesis does not promise to cover more than the essay affords.
  • An efficient thesis has a manageable, debatable claim.
  • A good thesis is presented in the end of the first paragraph.
  • A good thesis comprises two parts: – first, it informs what you are going to discuss and then how you are going to do it.

Mind the three “never” rules for thesis statements:

  • A thesis is never a questioning sentence.
  • A thesis is never a detail.
  • A thesis should never be unclear, aggressive or confrontational.

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