Persuasive essay.

Persuasive or argumentative essay writing is about making others embrace facts, share your values, agree to your argument and your conclusions, and accept your way of thinking.

This kind of essays is meant to present your personal opinion on a particular matter supported by facts and justifications.

A persuasive essay should consist of:

a) an introduction, here you introduce the subject and state your opinion clearly;

b) a main body that is meant to be a 2-3 paragraph long description and argumentation of the established facts, values. Stay focused on the aim to persuade, to make the reader accept your idea and the view on the problem. Make the transactions between the paragraphs smooth and natural. Quote respectful sources, so the intended reader can feel the authority. Each main body paragraph should start with a topic sentence which clearly states the main idea of the paragraph. It should be followed by appropriate supporting sentences which justify the main idea and/or give examples

c) a conclusion serves for restating your opinion with different words.

It is very important to make a draft and do editing. You can use linking words and phrases to make your language sound nobler, but don’t get too far with descriptions not to loose the essence of the matter.

The usual style for a persuasive essay is formal, but if the intended reader is very familiar to you, semi-formal will be a great solution. Avoid colloquialisms, short forms or personal examples.

Here are some stylistic tips for you to use in your essay:

  • Be clear and brief. Make sure your topic ideas are to the point.
  • Simplify for the common reader. Leave out specific terms; it will not make your work less impressive.
  • Use parallel constructions and be consistent in tense usage.


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