Best and Worst of June (almost there)

The best part:

  • My brand new Acer aspire 5050 notebook. Bought it because it worth it. I save some money from my part time job add up to my recent wedge to buy it.
  • Nike five air futsal shoes. I spent over 200 to have it worn by my lucky feet. I guess this is the most expensive futsal shoes I ever bought and I’m quite satisfied with its performance so far.
  • Fantastic Four- Rise of the Silver surfer.


The worst part:

  • Nothing that can be considered as ‘worst’ so far.


Filed under best vs. worst, flashback, life

4 responses to “Best and Worst of June (almost there)

  1. bestlah sangat…tapi memang best pun,hehehe…

  2. thanks mr din for the honest comment,olee…hahaha…nampak macam tak selese je kerusi tempat duduk dlam gambaq tu?

  3. YKK

    Hi!I send you mail.Please check it.
    And Nothing that can be considerd as worst is the one of the best part.Its very good.

  4. forgive me yukiko for not checking your mail. i’ve been very busy lately since becoming a teacher. i’ve been holding strong to this responsibility quite well as far as i am concerned.i will check the mail and reply you, just wait okay..forgive me..

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