Hari Raya Aidilfitri 2007

The time has come again. I went back to my hometown (Kuching, Sarawak) on the 11th October 2007 where my Air Asia flight was as early as 7 o’clock in the beautiful and quiet morning. My ‘raya’ this time will not be the same because I brought along my girlfriend. She insisted to come so bad like there’s no tomorrow and this matter has been a big issue for the both of us for the last 5 months if I can recall the time. I have no other option except to bring her along even though I’m not ready yet…and on the second thought, I will never be ready if she didn’t push me this hard, hahaha…

So my girlfriend met my brother that live in Ulu Tiram, Johor for the second time since he came to Kuala Lumpur and we had a great futsal match during that time. I can feel that my journey this time is the longest one as we have to travel to Johor and departed through Senai airport since LCCT KLIA is out of tickets. The bus trip from Section 17, Shah Alam to Larkin bus station alone took us about 4-5 tiring hours. From Larkin, my brother gave us a half an hour ride to the airport where he picked me and my girlfriend at 4 in the morning.

Upon arriving at the airport, I gave my brother a farewell hug and my girlfriend (Nadiya) managed to give 3 packets of ‘angpows’ containing some money to my nephew and niece as a ‘pre hari raya’ gifts. They seem to enjoy it because they know what is inside each and everyone of it. Giving money has been a tradition here in ‘Semenanjung’ but not in where I live and from what I can see; this tradition will kill the true spirit of Hari Raya. This big and meaningful celebration is not all about money and we should not start planting this negative seed inside of our children’s mind. Personally, for me Hari Raya is about meeting our long lost friends back home and also a great time to build or to strengthen the relationship between siblings and family members.

I miss my family so much especially my parents. It’s been a year since I last saw them and that’s what makes me so emotional inside. As soon as me and Nadiya step up inside the plane for the next an hour and a half journey, I would thought my Hari Raya this time would be something else, it would be meaningful than ever and different.

During the 6 days at home I never pray even once, not even during the Hari Raya morning for Raya prayer like everyone does. I kept thinking about it when I went back to Shah Alam and I finally realize that the only reason why I didn’t perform any prayer is because I feel very safe at home, I feel very happy, I feel peace and harmony not like the way it is in Shah Alam. Home is where the heart is.


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