Yesterday I met two new friends.

Yesterday I met two new friends. The first guy is the one that live next to my house. He just moved with his two other friends to the house from Segamat, Johor because they just started their own life assurance business somewhere in the heart of Shah Alam. This guy’s name is Adi, his short name I believed and he seems to be tired during the time he had the three minutes chat with me. “I just got back from my office” he said. “well, you need to work hard if you have your own business because we are the boss, we are the workers and we are the office boy that carries all the important letters where ever they need to go” he continues. I listened to him carefully because I’m thinking to start my own some day, maybe I can learn something from this nice guy and maybe we should have a longer and appropriate chat next time. Then, he mentioned his experience working in “an unrecognized” banking firm and how ‘harsh’ it was. Actually, I realized that doing business is the best thing to do to improve life since long but I’m not ready to think about it seriously yet as I need to plan everything carefully and thoroughly. The only business that I can think of right now is opening a workshop for bikes/ motorcycles. I have the manpower that I need which are my nephews that know a lot about motorcycles and repairing. All I need is the money to kick start and a right place to open one.

The second guy that I met is during the heavy rain somewhere in Shah Alam while I was trying to search for this one bank to bank in some money that my sister’s daughter need to further her study in ICT in Universiti Islam Antarabangsa (UIA), Petaling Jaya. The guy’s name is Syafiq and he was very talkative. The heavy rain brought me to him as we are sheltering ourselves under the same fly over. He mentioned that he works in Yamaha motorcycle engine manufacturing company somewhere in Shah Alam and he’s been there for two years. It’s been a great experience according to Syafiq and he definitely has learnt a lot. He has learnt things from zero knowledge and by now he can separate and put back engine the way it should be. Looking at his Honda EX5, he told me that he used to ride a Yamaha RXZ. The difference between these two machines was completely clear especially when the Yamaha is a two strokes ride while his Honda was a four strokes. He decided to switch to four strokes because of the cost, with his Honda right now he can save more especially during the time the when the price of fuel is getting higher these days. Last time when he is still with his two strokes he spent most of his salary on the maintenance and also the fuel. He was right in a way, we can never be like we always want to be and I believe what he meant is we need to think of our budget especially those with only small amount of salary. We need to keep the money for our own future.

Well, when I was a teenager I always wanted to have my own motorcycle like others did with their father’s money. I always envy those that ride motorcycles to school and how easy their life can be I imagined. I rode my BMX bikes to my secondary school and show what I can do with it like doing some stunts in front of the school for example wheelie. Even until I finished my form six I still cannot have my own ride. As I finished my study, I beg my mother to persuade my father to buy me a motorcycle so I can go to work but there’s nothing that she can do. I told her that she only need to get me the money to pay the down payment and I will deal with the installments but still she didn’t answer me. She always told me that if she had a lot of money, she would give not just me but all my brothers and sisters everything that we desire but there’s nothing that she can do anyway except to pray for our safety and success everyday and every night. My family condition teaches me how to be very independent to myself. My father’s four strokes Honda was the only transport that we had during that time. I rarely ride the bike because my father wouldn’t let me because he worried I will ruin the bike and he is the one that need to pay for everything, on second thought, he was right all the way. When my father gave me the permission to ride the bike, I will ride it like there’s no tomorrow, like a speeding bullet, as speedy as I could and as far as I can but still not far enough. I enjoyed every ride so much and most of the time I will have a sidekick that ride along with me, which is either Komeng or Ahab, my two best friends. Most of the time I rode with Komeng because Ahab always not around as he need to do his routine job as fisherman with his father or older brother. A wise fisherman that is good at heart. I am the kind that love to make friends with others and that is the reason why many people know and like me, because I am a nice person not because I am a smart ass ‘flying colour’ student or my father is rich fellow. Friends are important factor in my life and I cannot live without them. Friends influenced me a lot in term of almost everything and teach me the meaning of life. My friends are closer to me if to compare to my family as long as I can remember.


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