Jobless again

Live to work or work to live? Work is what we need to survive the harsh civilization no matter what the job is. The funny part is I’m still living and kicking even though I’m jobless. This is the second time of my beautiful jobless moment as long as I can remember and nothing that I can be proud of when I’m thinking of it over and over and over again. Right now I’m waiting for my previous interview reply and I can’t wait no more for an answer that seem never to come. The interview was on last year’s October and I’m starting to lose my patient.

This time I’m on my own. The unforgettable last time I was helped by a friend of mine in order to get the job. Well I like to think that she needs someone that knows her for a long time to be there for her, someone that she can trust but clearly I have let her down, big time! That’s why she put everything down just to help me up. I also like to say that I’m desperate the last time and I have made the wrong judgment about my previous working place. I have learnt a lot, a very useful lesson that I’ll never forget for the rest of my life.

Well, my life must go on and for sure I’ll never stop trying no matter what the barriers are. I almost forgot that I love challenges and I can say that this is one of them. I also forgot that there’s no one that can bring me down because I’ve made it this far and that’s something that I can be proud of!


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