Best vs. worst of April 08

The best part:

  • I received a letter from KPM telling me to come to an interview in conjunction to my school posting. Good news indeed since I’ve been waiting for the news to come. One good sign showing I will no longer be unemployed. All I can say is prayer to the merciful Allah, ALHAMDULILLAH! I just hope that the next posting will be around May because I cannot wait.
  • Someone is going to buy my scooter for a good price. I had no choice because I needed the money right now. The planning is to make better my Yamaha and the rest of the money will be fully utilized for my driving license. My ‘ubertune’ scooter is one of the best things that ever happen to me and it’s been a really awesome ride since we get along.

The worst part:

  • Well, nothing bad recently happening to me during this month. I believed Allah listens to my prayer in every single moment I spent telling all my troubles to Allah.
  • Well that ‘someone who is going to buy my scooter’ never happen as he cannot be contacted through phone and he never tried to contact me in any way.

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