Best vs. worst of May 08

The best part:

  • KPM posting interview on the 3rd May. Don’t know how it’s going to be but I am always hoping for the best to come.
  • Meeting new friend during the interview, Mr. Is. I believe he and me have a lot in common somewhere somehow.
  • Seems like I’m getting back on my feet.
  • Another potential buyer text me saying that she is interested to have my scooter and I managed to explain to her a little bit information about the scooter that she deserves to know. The girl is from Sibu and she said that she will stop by Kuching by the end of May to take a look at the scooter.
  • A close relative of mine gave me a call telling me one good news. Well, Mr. Daniel that I’m talking about in ‘the worst part’ gave him a call asking about me in term of my status right now and my relative did asked me for my full name and my identity card number. He said that he will do something about it starting by sending my names to the education board nearby.

The worst part:

  • Well at first I did not get the cooperation that I expected from Mr. Daniel of SMK Lundu when I asked the school to propose me to the KPM so that I can teach in that school.
  • I hurt my left knee but I can’t remember when and how. Could be in the previous futsal or soccer game that joined lately.
  • Financial, financial, financial…


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