Mind Manipulating Newspapers.

Nowadays I never really read newspapers the way I used to be during the time when I want all information that I need. I have to believe in something especially from the things going on around, the world I mean. As far as I am concerned, newspapers are the most trusted source of information of all time until the moment I started not to believe. There are several reasons why.

The first reason is there’s nothing left to believe. Nowadays and maybe since the beginning every single sentence written are lies especially when we encounter other source of information for example verbal input from people around. What we read in the papers is totally contradicted with what we heard especially from someone that we can trust. For example the political issues in Malaysia regarding sodomising case that has been rumoured committed by one of the ex national leader that will bring him for another time consuming jail sentence. What is written in the papers and projected by the media especially TVs are not the same with what we heard and suppose to believe. Well, it is very easy to fool a child but not those that take things for granted especially those who use their brain instead of their eyes to read and see what is actually happening around.

The second reason is because some major news is being added in term of the information in the news itself in order to make it more interesting and as attention grabber. That kind of doing is totally wrong especially during the time when people or should I say the society is in dilemma between choosing what is right from wrong and what is wrong from right. When information is being added, there’s no more truth to be heard. In a different way, the added information will mislead the truth from the truth and in the Malaysian leader case, he will definitely committed even though he is innocent. What a powerful tool if we can define the power of media is that include newspapers, magazines, TVs and radios and not to forget the internet.

Third and the final reason is because we don’t know whether the writers are really for or against certain issues or society or people or individuals. Of course it is (their opinion) clearly stated in the news but who knows anyway what they really have in mind and what they really want to write instead of being ordered to them to write. This is when they have to choose between what they want and what others need (especially between employers and employees).

Now I started to believe in blogs because they are somehow different from all those fancy media like what I’ve mentioned above. I begin to develop my interest on political blogs because have so much different things/ perspectives to say about things around, to look/ express thoughts outside the box I must say. It is up to us to believe or not to believe but so far I know who to believe and learn not to get my eyes popped out when things get worse. Bloggers have all the right to write (especially the truth) and they are completely responsible for what they have written as in the case of famous political blogger Raja Petra that has been put under police supervision because of his serious issues in his entries. If you need to believe, start reading blogs today and see it for yourself. Just give your sense and judgment a try.


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