Children Psychology Vs. Psychotic Parents

Kids will always be kids, I mean playful, adorable, and stubborn and all the qualities that normal kids should have. It is up to the parents to shape them into “what” they may have become in the future. But is it that all matter the most; I mean to shape our kids into someone we want them to be and not what they really, extremely wanted  to be instead, for themselves, for the sake of their own future.

I remember the wife to a friend of mine told me that she wanted to teach her first child English language. The boy is two and a half years old and I believe this is the right age to absorb learning instead of learning one. He seems to be a smart boy if we look back at his parent’s background, to have a Mathematic and Physics teacher as his mother and an Accounting expert lecturer as his beloved father. I said to myself, this is one hell of a lucky kid. So, is it “lucky” the right word to say? I don’t know myself actually because I wasn’t born having this type of parents, I mean those parents that work in a professional field like teachers, doctors or lecturers. My father was only a cook and my mother is a fulltime housewife with eleven children including myself as her youngest child.

One thing I know is when your parents are successful, there’s no way for them to expect you to be screwed in the future, to mess with your life, to end up living alone with no job and no money in your bank (especially when you have an expert accounting lecturer as a father). The expectation is high but is it worth it to mess with the child’s psychology? It is the child’s future at stake and this time parents are somehow take control the only thing the kid has to control by himself/ herself, which is their mind.

I believe that the parents first must be ready spiritually and emotionally to be a parent because this is not a part time job. Expect the unexpected is the right phrase to say here. We are always being reminded that nobody is perfect as long as we live, so please keep it that way with our children. Just keep our plan for the kids aside first and enjoy the privilege of being parents. Don’t push it too hard because it may cause us more than what we thought it might. Time will determine everything like it always does. Less is more.



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