Petronas Hot Cars, Cool Cash Contest (But Definitely Not For Sarawakian and Sabahan)

Contest is about prizes, prizes and more prizes. Usually those contests with the best and expensive prizes will become attraction to everyone. One of the biggest contest that caught my attention is a contest by a petroleum company which is the Petronas Hot Cars, Cool Cash contest. It’s indeed a very intriguing contest when the prizes are hot sporty cars and one million ringgit cash money. The only thing that we should do is just to buy gas for our transport, that’s all it takes. But please remember that the contest was meant for every Malaysian as it is being widely advertised throughout the national TV stations.

The main question here is why there are never any winners from Sabah and Sarawak since that kind of contest existed? Don’t forget that we are also using the same gas brand and we are still Malaysian and everyone should know that Sarawak is one of the main gas and petroleum producers in Malaysia.

Well, that petroleum thing is just a start. Actually there’s a lot more contest in Malaysia that leave out Sabahan and Sarawakian as the winners and this statement is very true. You can figure out the rest if you want to because that’s all I want to say. Less is more.



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5 responses to “Petronas Hot Cars, Cool Cash Contest (But Definitely Not For Sarawakian and Sabahan)

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  2. Doctor on call

    when we talk about contest, itu nasib…faham tak

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