Ways To Prevent Yourself From Buying New Phone.

Here are some tips on what have I done and what can I do (so far) to prevent myself  from buying new phone:

  1. Everytime I am not holding or keeping my phone in my pocket, I will turn off the vibration alert so what is left only the sound. Somehow I believe if we put the phone on a table or any hard surfaces and when it vibrates, the phone vibrates at it’s peak and this could damage the component inside the phone or loosen some of them.
  2. Everytime I’m going to sleep, I will also do the same thing but this time I will put the sound to the maximum so that I can hear to the alarm and wake up in the morning on time.
  3. Usually if I am in the classroom or during the working hours, I will just put the phone into vibration because I’m not expecting others to listen to my ringtone. The other thing is it will not disturb others or annoy them especially when our ringtones are too loud and irritating. 
  4. Buy yourself an original set of phone, it’s really worth buying one because it will last longer in term of durability, toughness and warranty. I once had my phone dropped in the toilet drain filled with water. I turned it off and left it to dry for a couple of days and once it has, it will be okay not as new but as it was before. Mine is Sony Ericsson K800i by the way and I’m looking forward to C905 because 8 megapixels is everything. I would still keep the old one for my other number.

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