Idou Is The Name.

Yesterday I scrolled through the net just to find out what is latest from Sony Ericsson and this is it, the Sony Ericsson Idou that will be out at the middle of 2009 worldwide but I’m not sure when it will be available in Malaysia. Here’s some of the review that I managed to cite from a related site.

 Sony Ericsson has just unveiled a concept Symbian Foundation platform based phone called Idou. It’s actually more than just a concept as it is said to become a real device, but at the moment it is in a very early stage so many things may change until then. Detailed information/specifications and release date will be announced later this year but the device is supposed to become available in the second half of 2009.

Idou is a part of The Entertainment Unlimited consumer proposition announced today at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Bringing together rich content, unique applications and best in class entertainment experiences, the new consumer proposition is based around three key promises:

* Uniting best in class entertainment experiences into one offering such as the Walkman music experience, the Cyber-shot imaging experience, Java gaming and messaging integrated with services and applications.
* Broadening entertainment experiences by seamlessly integrating the mobile phone into other devices in the home letting consumers share and enjoy top quality entertainment content through a variety of channels including TV, PC and Hifi systems.
* Fusing communication with entertainment by removing barriers and offering unlimited sharing opportunities, multiplying the value of people’s entertainment experiences through a host of innovative web applications and Sony Ericsson’s Play Now offering.

Capture moments, talk through pictures and share all your experiences like never before with the 12.1 megapixel camera, intuitive touch features and Xenon flash. Tap directly into your favourite videos and tracks with the full-touch media menu and feast your eyes on movies, TV-series and video clips in true 16:9 widescreen format (3.5″ display). Based on what will become the Symbian Foundation operating system, thousands of applications are available online letting you install new applications and download exciting content from PlayNow to make the Idou truly yours.

The demo unit showcased in Barcelona was equipped with a very “introductory” development build of the OS so it’s hard to speculate now how the final version will look like. Based on the first release of the Symbian Foundation platform, it will be a successor to the current S60 5th Edition. As a “Symbian Foundation Certified” device, it will be cross-compatible with all other Symbian Foundation based devices of other brands (e.g. Nokia or Samsung) and hopefully also with existing 3rd software that now works fine e.g. on the Nokia 5800. The UI of the Idou will follow Sony Ericsson’s UI design, including e.g. the Media Bar, Walkman Player, icons and menu style known from other Sony Ericsson phones.”

So you have read it by yourself, now it’s the time to decide. It’s so amazing I wet myself LOL. Less is more.


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