The Classes Start Today.

I started my respective classes for this semester today. It’s been a while but it’s quite a relief actually to see and interact with the students again for the 3 consecutive semesters. The maximum number of students that I got so far is 18 of them and the least is 8 students. So far, I never received any complaints or should I say that I have no complaints towards the senior students because they are very obidient and at most of the time they know what to do especially the do’s and don”ts in classroom. 

One advantage of teaching senior students is they are outnumbered and it will be quite easy to lecturers to project their beautiful and harmonic voices all over the class. And it will be easy for lecturer like me t0 monitor them, once they are outnumbered they cannot escape as I know their faces and names especially. Looking forward for a  beautiful, less hazy semester.


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