When The Good Of You Appears Bad To Others.

It happened to me in the last 5- 6 months. I was helping some friends of mine carrying papers related to MUET extra classes, well they (the papers) are  in large numbers and sizes but I really don’t care since for me it’s better to carry all the papers own my own with one good shot then letting the others to come to the printing department since most people have a lot of unfinish business to complete.

As I tried to lift up the papers, someone at the printing department, a senior I believed came to me in her broad smile for a skinny face. Maybe it was just her way of saying hello and to start a nice conversation with me but for it’s a general statement or should I say fact about almost everyone. Well, she came near and said “That’s very hardworking of you to carry the papers alone”. And then I replied with a smile saying “It was nothing really since these are going to the same place/ office anyway”. I know that (maybe) she doesn’t mean what she said anyway but then she continues by saying “Well, that’s normal for a newbies, to be hardworking but it will be very different as time passes by (apparently the opposite of hardworking)”. That would definitely be overgeneralization I thought, to think that everyone the same no matter where they are.

One good thing that happened to me is I am still the person that would offer myself to carry the papers at anytime even though it’s been more that a year now which prove that her statement was totally wrong. I believe once a person is a good person, he/she will always be that way not because she has to but because that is what she is and how she reacts to most situations, I mean in a good manner the way it should be. Less is more.


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