I Wish You’re Not Falling For Me Because I’ve Fallen For You.

This could be the last love story that I’ll ever told. It strikes me as I couldn’t see it coming; like the rushes to the blood, like a roller coaster ride, like a first love, like everything is moving fast except me, head over heel.

I have fallen for a girl, a girl of every man’s dream and desire, a girl that will kill you with her sincere smile, a girl that will choke you with the look from her shining eyes, a girl of fatal attraction, a very special girl. Before there was complete silence in me when she is around and my heart keep beating like never before. The feeling was indescribable, like nothing in this world and again like the first love, so wonderful and meaningful.

I think that I have met her before but I cannot recall when or where or maybe it is just me, I don’t know because I have fallen for her and the feeling drifts me away, far away up the sky, to the cloud nine. Before there was only smiles between us and some simple hellos and again they were inexpressible and beautiful, the feeling, the rush and the moment itself.

I have fallen for you and hope that you’re not fallen for me. Things that happened between us are so beautiful and we need to keep it that way, every split second, every passing hour, every blinks of our meeting eyes, every honest laugh that we share, every looks that we gave each other. This will always remain a secret promise in me and it can only be broken by you if you started to fall for me too. This is the most meaningful risk I ever took in my life, to have fallen for someone that is not meant for me, not today, not tomorrow, not forever be.

I’ll remember this, I’ll remember you, I’ll remember the feelings that I have put at stakes. It was so beautiful, the feeling and only beautiful can describe it all, beautifully meaningful. This is a love story, the last love story that never meant to be told.



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2 responses to “I Wish You’re Not Falling For Me Because I’ve Fallen For You.

  1. Hello I’m Shravan from India. The love story which i read, is so similar to mine. But now i left her and concentrating my career. And I’m attracted towards lust. Please give me sincere suggestion that should change my life

  2. Well, honestly everyone is attracted to the ‘power’ of LUST my friend… if you wanna get over it just settle down with the one you trust and love, someone that can take care of you whenever you cannot take care of yourself.. get married, have a lot of kids… enjoy life to the fullest… less is more…

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