Hatred When You Need It The Most.

I see hatred in everyone’s eyes, in every movement, in every spoken words. But there’s nothing that we can do to avoid hatred because hatred is just one part of living. As I watched people I see myself, a good reflection of how should I become, on how to avoid things that I always want to avoid. We’ll always live like this, well I’ll always live like this. As I keep it to myself I try to vanish it from my heart. Some say it will disappear but I believed they are not because hatred will stay in one secret part of our heart and one day will come out spreading dark cloud.



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2 responses to “Hatred When You Need It The Most.

  1. fauzi

    hate is a crime and yet most people were unable to distinguish the fine line of the sentiments they had, turning into a crime they would commit for the thing they pleasure most.

  2. that’s just the way things goes. we rely on hatred to determine what we thought meant to be wrong to right.

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