Zambri Baba The Malaysian Rider Crashing

Zambri Baba is one of top Malaysian rider and I truly respect him for his passion in motorsports and how he represented Malaysia in racing. The news of him crashing was sincerely devastating for me. At first I was only reading posts posted in Facebook tagging #PRAYFORZAMBRIBABA and I was like “what is happening here?”.

The first thing that came through my mind was “okay, he is representing Malaysia for another great race and everyone is hoping for him to excel in the race”. But then more and more stories and posts related to Zambri Baba in the net. I knew about his crash from WhatsApp throughout some friends uploading the gnarly images of Zambri Baba losing his foot in that race. I just couldn’t believe my eyes and refuse to watch the images for the second time. Watching this guy losing his foot is scary enough, just imagine what if the incident happen to us. I pray and I hope Zambri Baba and his family stand strong in facing this.

Dear Zambri Baba, I pray for you. Get well soon.


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