To Each His Own

Those are the days when at certain valuable moments we realize what we want as a person, as a complicated individual, as a humble servant to God…

6 responses to “To Each His Own

  1. assalamualaikum

    bagus betul website awak nih,banyak knowledge saya dapat. terima kasih.

    saya lahir kat swak sebab ayah saya army dulu.
    tapi naturalised di kelantan hehehe.

    oklah jumpa lagi assalamualaikum

  2. hai

    saya berminat la nak exchange link dgn blog ni…jemputla ye ke

  3. man, you got a great site there!! I checked it out just now.. honestly I don’t mind if you wanna exchange the link as you said.. nice knowing you man..

  4. I ain't tellin' you!

    I don’t get the point of your site…

  5. it’s a complete mix of anything and everything that i wanna write or post or copy and paste. as long as these are good enough to be read or published, then they are good enough to me, lol. thanks for reading man, honestly..

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