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Ways To Prevent Yourself From Buying New Phone.

Here are some tips on what have I done and what can I do (so far) to prevent myself  from buying new phone:

  1. Everytime I am not holding or keeping my phone in my pocket, I will turn off the vibration alert so what is left only the sound. Somehow I believe if we put the phone on a table or any hard surfaces and when it vibrates, the phone vibrates at it’s peak and this could damage the component inside the phone or loosen some of them.
  2. Everytime I’m going to sleep, I will also do the same thing but this time I will put the sound to the maximum so that I can hear to the alarm and wake up in the morning on time.
  3. Usually if I am in the classroom or during the working hours, I will just put the phone into vibration because I’m not expecting others to listen to my ringtone. The other thing is it will not disturb others or annoy them especially when our ringtones are too loud and irritating. 
  4. Buy yourself an original set of phone, it’s really worth buying one because it will last longer in term of durability, toughness and warranty. I once had my phone dropped in the toilet drain filled with water. I turned it off and left it to dry for a couple of days and once it has, it will be okay not as new but as it was before. Mine is Sony Ericsson K800i by the way and I’m looking forward to C905 because 8 megapixels is everything. I would still keep the old one for my other number.

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Ways to cope with new working environment:

Getting in most of the time may not go easy and fitting in is another thing to do but if you follow these solution, you may get something positive in return especially from your new colleagues. Well, these are what I do.


  1. First impression is very important, so make sure you dress well on your first day to notice others that you are there to join the society.
  2. Greet others as the new staff no matter what is your position. It is very important for people to work together in getting the best result, therefore cooperation starts with respect.
  3. Explore your working place so that you won’t get lost and you can show visitors the place they want to go if such cases happen.
  4. Be aware of what you can and can’t do.
  5. Know who your higher personnel are and what they do.
  6. Don’t push it.



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How To Maintain Peace With Others

What do you understand about peace among human race? As for me, peace among others is about respecting others in no matter what they do and as return, we receive the same treatment. Our world is definitely lacking of respect these days especially form the young generation. Maintaining peace is not a simple business, here are some tips in maintaining peace with others that I can provide (as long as I am concern!).


  • Always smile
  • Try not to talk too much at a time
  • Listen to what other people have to say and only after that you can give your opinion
  • Give others a good impression at most time
  • Talk as much as you needed to, not as much as you want to
  • Try to avoid sensitive issues and be positive about things around
  • Be nice and try to understand others no matter what they think of you




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How to Stay Healthy (my way):

Staying healthy is very important to everyone no matter who we are because if we are unhealthy, we cannot enjoy the gift of life. I am a type of person that is very concern about my health because to me, staying healthy is staying happy! Here are some tips for you on how to stay healthy according to my way: 

  • Eat what you think you should be eating and don’t be overeaten and not exercising
  • Exercise everyday if possible
  • Don’t be lazy to exercise (this is the most important factor)
  • Don’t practice yourself to sleep during the time when you believe you should be exercising
  • Never ever think it is too late to exercise and stay healthy, it is not the end of the world pal!
  • Make sure you do not arrange other plan or other unhealthy activities during the time you should exercise especially in the late afternoon after work.
  • Fatness is not the barrier, if you practice healthy lifestyle like exercising, believe me you are far healthier than you might look like.
  • You can eat all the food in the world but you must exercise to make sure the food you ate especially the fat will be burnt as you are sweating.
  • Exercise in groups if possible or you can bring a partner so you will not get bored very easy as this can low your motivation.
  • Lastly, enjoy yourself while exercising. Don’t push yourself too hard and always motivate yourself to exercise.

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